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    who are we

    Moroori is Web Portal ✓

    Applications on Smart Phones ✓

    Specializes in traffic and driving ✓

    Integrates with the etiquette of the road ✓

    Enable all age groups and community groups ✓
    to interact directly

    Availability of relevant services and information ✓


    ▪ Who are concerned with cars and driving

    ▪ Who are concerned with Traffic and roads

    ▪ Who wish to obtain a Saudi driving license

    ▪ And at the forefront of those women who want
    to drive cars

    Business Sector

    Scientific and theoretical education centers for ▪
    driving cars by means of simulation of reality

    Health centers approved for examination ▪

    Car Agencies ▪

    Installments and leasing finance ▪

    Car maintenance and repair workshops ▪

    Accident insurance services ▪

    Rescue companies on the road ▪

    Content providers in the same fields ▪


    Raising the awareness of the society about safety ▪
    principles in roads, regulations and traffic laws

    Disseminate driving behavior and ethics ▪

    Simplify driving information and license procegers ▪

    Add new road services ▪

    The definition of society about the rights and ▪
    of roads and traffic

    creating awareness for women driving cars ▪

    Provide information on everything about cars and▪


    Coordination of driving education services ▪

    Scheduling of service schedules ▪

    Connect the community with the officials ▪

    Urging the community to make suggestions and ▪
    ideas to improve traffic services

    surveys opinions ▪

    Provide discussion to share experiences ▪

    Availability of applications and complaints ▪

    Free Moroori services

    Registering users ▪

    A dense and renewable traffic encyclopedia ▪

    Guidance and awareness content ▪

    Interactive Forum ▪

    Periodic surveys ▪

    Frequently asked questions ▪

    Social contacts ▪

    Paid Moroori services

    Theoretical training through the theoretical ▪

    Coordination and booking for related business services ▪